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The Scoop on Sugar Substitutes

The Scoop on Sugar Substitutes Think you’re doing the right thing by drinking diet soda instead of regular? The bad news is diet soda boasts some serious downsides. Sugar-free substitutes, like aspartame, Splenda and Stevia can actually harm you and your diet more than you realize.  Read More

On 4/11/2019

Get Clear: Ditch BPA-Free Plastics for Glass

Get Clear: Switch to Glass Containers Think you’re doing right by your family by making the switch to BPA-free plastics for water bottles and storage containers? Here’s what you need to know about BPA and why glass, instead of BPA-free plastic, is always your best bet.  Read More

On 4/02/2019

Common Household Chemicals Exposed

Common Household Chemicals Exposed Ever been scrubbing down the tub or kitchen floor when a headache suddenly strikes? Or have your eyes started burning and watering while using bleach to clean the toilet? There are reasons the back of common cleaning products are covered with warnings, cautions and alarming statements like “harmful or fatal” or “hazardous to humans and domestic animals”—but yet we still use them in our homes and around our children, pets and selves.  Read More

On 4/01/2019

10 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care

10 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care Cold days have arrived. Before your skin has a chance to feel the effects of the cold, dryness and wind, bolster your skin care routine with these natural tips that will keep it feeling invigorated, fresh and soft.  Read More

On 11/29/2018

Is Your Produce Out to Get You?

Is Your Produce Out to Get You? Not all produce is created equal! In fact, some fruits and veggies (when conventionally grown) can contain up to 70 different pesticides per serving. It’s always better to go as organic as possible, but if you’re on a budget, sometimes all-organic just isn’t in the cards—and how are you even supposed to know which produce items are safe or not? We’re here to help you pick and choose!  Read More

On 4/10/2018

Ditch the Diet Soda

Ditch the Diet Soda
We’re sure you’ve heard the warning: Diet soda (or pop!) is not good for your health—but do you know why? Learn what’s really in your can of pop, some of the dangers associated with these ingredients and why you should avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Read More

On 1/27/2014

Is Fluoride Dangerous?

Is Fluoride Dangerous?
Have you heard of or participated in the debate about fluoride? This is not a new conversation—in fact, it’s been hotly debated since the United States began adding it to the water supply in the 1940s. There’s been a lot of confusion and some contradictory information, which makes it difficult to make an informed decision. Review the information below and decide whether you should decrease or eliminate (if you can) fluoride from your life.  Read More

On 9/30/2013

Homemade Cleaning Supplies for Your Laundry Room

Reduce Back-to-School Stress Starting Now!
Making your own cleaning supplies is easier than you think—and a whole lot cheaper and safer for you and your family. Last week in Common Household Chemicals Exposed, we shared some not-so-clean chemicals likely lurking under your sink. It’s scary to think about what’s in the products we use on a daily basis in our homes and what possible adverse effects these nasty chemicals could have on our beloved families and pets. Read More

On 8/06/2013