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Is That Backpack Hurting Your Child’s Health?

Is That Backpack Hurting Your Child’s Health? September—the real most wonderful time of the year, right? Parents, you know what we’re talking about. Class is almost in session and it’s time for your beautiful babies to get up out of your house. But first, you’ve got to get all those school supplies in order, starting with the backpack. The kids may already have the coolest styles and colors and patterns in mind, but there’s only one thing you’ve got to keep your eye on—health!  Read More

On 8/01/2017

Reduce Back-to-School Stress Starting Now

Reduce Back-to-School Stress Starting Now!When summer is drawing to a close—all parents know what this means: it’s time to get ready for back-to-school madness. The weeks before the first bell are filled with shopping for clothes and supplies, coordinating after-school babysitters or drop-off/pickup schedules and prepping kids for the next step of their education. Sounds overwhelming, right? Read More

On 8/09/2016

Making Healthy Lunches for Little Ones

Making Healthy Lunches for Little Ones
Folks are starting to pay more and more attention to the foods placed in front of today’s youth. Huge outcries to change lunchroom foods have resulted in the new standards for federally subsidized school lunches and an important act called the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which is focused on improving nutrition for kids. Read More

On 9/14/2015

Head Back-to-School with a Healthy Back

Head Back-to-School with a Healthy Back
School is right around the corner (or here for some!), be smart this year with your child’s backpack. Review the below tips and make sure that your child’s backpack won’t cause injury to his or her growing spine. We wish you a safe and stress-free new year! Read More

On 8/12/2014