Be Well Announces a New Contributing Writer (and it’s a Doc!) We’re launching something big over here at the Be Well blog! This month, we’re going all in on chiropractic care by taking a more in-depth look at all of the little parts and pieces of chiropractic you’ve always wanted to know about—from posture rules to how an adjustment works and much more.

Here to help us out is a very special contributing writer, Dr. Mike McGovern, D.C. But before we get to exploring the ins and outs of chiropractic, let’s learn a little more about Dr. Mike!

Dr. Michael McGovern, D.C.

Meet Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike’s story with chiropractic started how many do—with pain. At only 11 years old, he was badly injured wrestling in his school gym class. It was so painful that he couldn’t even walk. His mother, who was seeing a chiropractor at the time, was able to get him in for an appointment—an experience that would change everything.

For someone who couldn’t even make it through the door without help, he found himself able to walk out of his appointment after only one adjustment. He credits chiropractic care as the sole reason he was able to find relief, as well as continue competing in athletics throughout high school and into his adult years—and he eventually decided to become a chiropractor himself!

After attending the University of Illinois, where he studied community health, Dr. Mike went on to earn his doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was an active member of the Motion Palpation, Gonstead and Extremity Adjusting clubs. Now, Dr. Mike is as an associate chiropractor at Chiro One Wellness Centers of Vernon Hills. He enjoys teaching patients and the local community natural ways to achieve health and well-being that are finely tuned to their bodies’ needs.

We’re so excited to share Dr. Mike’s amazing work with you! And remember—if you have a questions about chiropractic, head on over to our Facebook @Chiroone and ask away! Your question could be featured!

Stay tuned for Dr. Mike’s first post, “How to Sit Properly.”