Every day, millions of Americans discover the healing power of chiropractic. Meet Barb O, a woman who experienced ringing in her ears and problems with her feet who attributed her health challenges to her age.

My name is Barb O. I didn’t expect to find health care at the grocery store. I didn’t have any acute issues. But at my age, things are starting to act up and wear out. I decided that twenty dollars for a spinal checkup was a good value. After my first visit, I came to understand how my feet, which have given me problems, were affecting my overall posture and well-being. What really amazed me, though, was that the ever increasing ringing in my ears disappeared after my first treatment! Now it occurs less often and with less intensity. I hadn’t noticed how stiff my neck had become but I have noticed how it isn’t anymore. My balance has improved. The orthotics ordered for my feet are wonderful. The emphasis at Chiro One is promoting wellness. I have become more aware of eating better, mental attitude and their effect on health. The staff is positive, helpful and always willing to answer questions. I really appreciate that they have been able to schedule, and reschedule, around my very irregular schedule. Finally, and most importantly, I always feel better when I leave.

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