2-Minute Posture Check Our posture is affected in so many ways throughout the day. Texting, shopping, spending time in your car or sitting at your desk can all affect your spinal health. Here’s an easy way to check your posture while on the go!

Equipment needed:

  • Full length mirror (optional)
  • Wall
  • A friend


  1. Stand against a wall or full length mirror with the back of your head touching it. Keep the heels of your feet 6 inches out from the wall or mirror. Your buttocks and both shoulder blades should also touch the wall.

  2. Have a friend measure the space between your neck and the wall as well as the distance between the wall and the small of your back.

  3. Both measurements should be less than 2 inches. If they are greater than 2 inches, that indicates poor posture and a curved spine.

Suspect You May Suffer From Poor Posture?

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