12 Tips for Serving a Healthier Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving is almost here, and you know what that means—prep, prep and more prep! How do you get your meal on the table in time? How do you know if you’re making enough food? Most importantly… can you make it healthy and delicious? Of course you can! Check out these helpful tips for pulling off the perfect Thanksgiving.

  1. Get an accurate headcount and use an online serving calculator to prevent overspending or overcooking.
  2. You don’t have to ditch your family favorites! Find new healthy twists on old classics—recipes that feature whole fruits and veggies, squash, cranberries and legumes are great choices.
  3. Are you the main chef for tomorrow’s meal? Fuel up with a protein-rich breakfast, which will also lead to less snacking throughout the day.
  4. Don’t feel guilty about using canned pumpkin—just be sure to look for 100% organic pumpkin in a BPA-free can.
  5. Tweak some butter-laden dishes by subbing in organic olive oil—or organic chicken stock for dishes like mashed potatoes.
  6. Instead of white flour dinner rolls, try a healthier option like whole grain flaxseed rolls.
  7. 12 Tips for Serving a Healthier Thanksgiving Feast
  8. Skip the sugary candied yams and opt for glazed sweet potatoes instead.
  9. Keep plenty of water at the table—drinking it during the holiday meal will help fill you up and is way healthier than alternatives like soft drinks, coffee or alcohol.
  10. To eat just enough to feel “full,” not stuffed, put your fork down after every bite; in addition, wait 15 minutes before grabbing a second plate.
  11. Make a vegan or gluten-free dessert for the holiday that you can enjoy with less guilt.
  12. Fridge stuffed after Thanksgiving? Freeze your holiday leftovers to cut back on waste.
  13. Detox your body from all the indulgence and make a green juice with kale, apples, lemon and cucumber.