The Chiro One Wellness Center healthcare clinics comprise the world's leading chiropractic provider group. Rooted in the standards, processes and procedures created in 1992 in the thriving practice of our founder and CEO, Dr. Stuart Bernsen, Chiro One Wellness Centers' sole purpose is to educate our patients to lead extraordinary lives of health and wellness. With more than 40 locations between Chicagoland and the Milwaukee area, and more planned, Chiro One offers affordable chiropractic care to all who seek it. At the organization’s clinics, Chiro One shares how an optimally functioning spine and nervous system can allow everyone to experience incredible health.

The Chiro One Wellness Center healthcare clinics contract for administrative services support from TVG-Medulla, LLC, a healthcare practice management company. The Chiro One Wellness Center clinics are independently owned and operated from TVG-Medulla, LLC.

Our Vision, Mission and Promise

Our Vision:

That all human beings discover
their full potential.

Our Mission:

To lead our patients and communities to a life of optimum health and wellness through education and service.

Our Promise:

To exceed expectations and provide extraordinary service for our patients by setting the gold standard for chiropractic care.