Customer Appreciation Days

Select from our best Wellness Program offerings to create a Customer Appreciation Day your customer base will love. We can bring in other wellness partners to make sure your Appreciation Day addresses health and wellness needs that matter to your community.

Your business and your customers benefit from our Customer Appreciation Days in the following ways:

Value added service

Chiro One™ Customer Appreciation Days demonstrate your desire to go above and beyond for your customer. Creating a day that celebrates your customer base shows how much you value them—and this demonstration has the potential to turn them into lifelong customers.


We offer a variety of options for your Appreciation Day and will work with you to create something that fits your customers and their needs and interests. For example, you may opt to host a Spinal Health Screening for a couple of days or hand out tips to customers on staying healthy during the holidays.


Our experienced wellness experts will share valuable wellness information that leaves your customers with a new understanding of wellness and empowers them to take control of their health.


Customer Appreciation Days create memorable experiences and engage your customers in activities outside of their normal daily activities.

Let us take the reins

We’ll coordinate and manage your Chiro One™ Customer Appreciation Days. With a little help from you with event promotion, we’ll deliver an informative, fun and customized program your customers will appreciate.