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New Mom Finds Relief After Painful Post-Birth Complications

New Mom Finds Relief After Painful Post-Birth Complications Pregnancy is one of the biggest physiological and psychological changes the human body can undergo. Even post-delivery, recovery isn’t always simple. After a c-section, this patient, also a valued Chiro One team member, could barely move. Here’s how she found relief with chiropractic care.  Read More

On 5/24/2017

Why Vitamin D is Critical During Pregnancy

Why Vitamin D is Critical During Pregnancy You might not realize this—but vitamin D is absolutely critical during pregnancy, specifically during the second and third trimesters. In the United States, it’s estimated that 80 percent of pregnant women are deficient, and this is putting them at a higher risk for complications. Vitamin D is important for bone health and immune system function, and it also plays a big role in transferring calcium from mother to child, a key component to a child’s skeletal development.  Read More

On 5/23/2017

How We Help: Pregnancy and Chiropractic Treatment

How We Help: Pregnancy and Chiropractic Treatment Everyone knows regular prenatal visits and great nutrition are a big part of a healthy pregnancy—but many may not realize that chiropractic treatment is a great addition to prenatal care. Gentle and non-invasive, chiropractic is a safe and effective form of prenatal care that can provide the mother with relief from pain during pregnancy, may help position the baby in utero and can also assist the mother with postnatal pain, among other benefits.  Read More

On 5/22/2017

Top Tips for the Wellness Woman

Top Tips for the Wellness Woman Ladies, it’s more than time for some self-care. This Women’s Health Month, it’s all about you—yes, how you feel and how you function. We know you’re always taking care of those around you, but what about your needs? It’s OK to put yourself first, and that begins with your health. Here are some of our most helpful wellness tips for operating at your peak!  Read More

On 5/18/2017

The Acupuncture Breakdown

The Acupuncture Breakdown Always wanted to be a human pincushion? No? Good, because that’s not really what acupuncture is all about. For those new to the therapy (especially skeptics and needle-phobic friends), acupuncture can seem intimidating and weirdly stressful. Is it painful? Is it invasive? That’s actually the opposite of what this holistic practice is trying to accomplish. Let’s take a look at this oft-misunderstood therapy’s balance-oriented approach to wellness.  Read More

On 5/17/2017

How We Help: PMS & Menopause

Today, more women are seeking out natural and alternative methods to treat symptoms from PMS and menopause, such as chiropractic care. Not all women experience premenstrual syndrome (about three out of four women report PMS symptoms), but all women will go through menopause in their lifetime.  Read More

On 5/15/2017

Patient Success Stories: Fibromyalgia

Patient Success Stories: Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is a mysterious disorder and it’s no secret that the effects can devastate a person’s life. From widespread pain and lethargy to memory loss and mood issues, fibromyalgia symptoms can be debilitating. Luckily, chiropractic care can greatly reduce symptoms. Check out these Chiro One patients’ stories about their battles with fibromyalgia and the treatment that helped them.  Read More

On 5/11/2017

Fight Allergies with Food!

Fight Allergies with Food! While the best all-natural treatment for allergy symptoms is chiropractic (in our humble opinion, of course), there are some ways you can decrease your stuffy-achy-itchy-watery-yucky symptoms with some good ol’ snacks and meals. Sounds way more fun than popping an antihistamine, right? We agree.  Read More

On 5/10/2017

The Wellness Woman: Perfume Substitutes

The Wellness Woman: Perfume Substitutes Even if you can’t name the brand, you can probably remember exactly what your mother’s perfume smelled like when you were a kid. Our sense of smell is linked with memory even more so than our other senses. We have very emotional responses to scent, biologically and socially, so of course we care about what we smell like. Something we should probably care a little more about? The chemicals we’re putting on and in our bodies for the sake of a signature scent. Here’s how you can go all-natural with no worry!  Read More

On 5/09/2017