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At our Chiro One Wellness Centers throughout the Chicago area, we believe that everyone can achieve lives of extraordinary wellness. Through world-class service and our chiropractors’ expertise, we share the powerful preventative and proactive possibilities of ongoing chiropractic care with our patients and communities.

With numerous locations in the Chicago, Illinois area, and more offices planned, Chiro One is the world’s leading provider of chiropractic services. Our recent awards include being named #17 on Modern Healthcare’s list of "Healthcare’s Hottest", a #14 ranking on the 2013 Crain’s Chicago Business’ Fast Fifty List of Fastest Growing Chicago Companies, a 2012 Inc. Hire Power Award and Inc. 5000 Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Additionally, our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Stuart Bernsen, D.C., was named winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2013 Midwest Award for Healthcare.

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At your first visit, you’ll experience a detailed examination to determine how our expert chiropractors can assist you along the road to health, without the use of medicines or surgery.

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Interactive Spine

Explore our Interactive Spine to learn how different areas of the spine affect different parts of the body. All functions of the body are controlled and coordinated by a neural network (the central nervous system) that sends and receives electric impulses to and from the brain in order to coordinate optimal health and wellness.


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Are Your Skincare Products Toxic? How to Find Out
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